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Resupply began after years of seeking a solution to reduce waste and running into problems with limited options and high expenses. I felt as though I often had to choose between a low-waste option shipped from far away or a local producer, but not both.


My greatest priorities as a consumer are to shop sustainably and strengthen the local economy, and I've heard resounding feedback that others feel similarly. From the health problems experienced by residents near petrochemical plants, recycling as a flailing system, and microplastics seeping into our food and water, the issues with our current patterns of consumption are numerous. Supporting local not only provides innovative solutions to reduce packaging and use natural materials, but it also strengthens the relationships between our community members and creates a healthier local economy in Western North Carolina.


My family moved to Boone, North Carolina, when I was in 5th grade, and I am so grateful that the High Country and its people were imprinted on me while I was young. I started backpacking in middle school and learned to respect and admire nature and the healing it offers. I found solace, and I also saw the resources that provide everyday solutions and are readily available like using hardwood ashes for soapmaking.

Backpacking continued to be a strong part of my life, and in 2019, I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. When a long-distance hiker runs out of food, they make a trip to the nearest store for a resupply. To a hiker, this word means stocking up on essential items like food, cooking fuel, or soap and hopping back on the trail. Even though they are simple and basic items, they are also highly anticipated and savored. I realized that word holds my intention in opening this business: restocking the necessities and being grateful for them.

I hope you will join me on the journey toward a sustainable future.


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