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You know that feeling when two folks meet + connect for the first time? It’s special. It’s unique. It’s one-of-a-kind. Alexis and I met at the Winter Market in early ‘21, and the three years that followed have been so inspired by this special connection. 

Alexis started with Resupply as an intern, learning the ropes of small business management, soap and product formulation, and connecting to the Boone community.

Resupply was a journey I wanted to be a part of through and through. Watching Becca first-hand while learning word-of-mouth the ins-and-outs of the soap-making process, I was entranced by it all — and still continue to be, as the process + my National Park After Dark podcasts are a true meditation. 

– Alexis

A few months later, she became my first employee, filling bottles and labeling, adding one product at a time to her formulation and production repertoire, and patiently and compassionately listening to me when I rambled on. In February ‘23 when I went back to work in wilderness therapy, she stepped up again and became Resupply’s manager. 

Throughout these years, Alexis supported me in the best way possible - not only with our products, but she constantly reminded me how special this thing is we worked so hard on together, and she was there with me when the panic of yet another botched batch turned into deep belly laughs. Working side-by-side with Alexis for three years, seeing how she admires others, how she lives her values, and the magic she brings into every little thing she does, makes me so thrilled to share that Alexis is the new owner of Resupply.

On a recent trip to Everglades National Park, my family and I sparked up a conversation with a Park Ranger who happened to live in Asheville for some time (funny how small this world is, eh?!) + we spoke of Blue Ridge times and how they are a-changin’, but what we can do is this: take care of each other and take care of what takes care of us.

This stuck with me, and forever will. As it’s conversations like these that make this Resupply journey even more magical, fulfilling and meant to be.


H e l l o , f r i e n d s !

I’ll miss sitting behind the table with Alexis at a market, people watching, and letting our hearts be touched by all the amazing folks we share our community with, and I will miss being a part of those interactions from behind the table where you all made me believe in what I was doing when the doubts crept into my mind.

The biggest reason I started Resupply was to offer a way that our daily actions and products could respect nature, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to actually be in nature and in partnership with nature within my work. 


What is Becca up to now?

Last fall, I began working with the Speckled Trout Outfitters in Blowing Rock and am now the Assistant Manager for hiking programs. We have a full schedule of community-building pint nights, day hikes, and overnight adventures, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get others outside!

Our next event is a ‘10 Essentials Pint Night’ on March 14th, 6 - 8 pm. All are welcome. Secondly, I am completing my training as a Forest Therapy Guide and will be growing and creating offerings in forest therapy and nature retreats. My next walk will be Sunday, March 17th, 12-3 pm, $20. If you’d like to join or be on my email list, please reach out to me at

I’m looking forward to these new journeys for the both of us, and we already see these paths of ours meeting again in the future all the while we take care of what’s takin’ care of us.

Alexis and I fully intend to stay connected and hopefully will work together on another project here soon. After all, someone getting people into nature and someone getting nature onto people go hand in hand.

Where Else

King Street Farmers Market

Saturday, 10 am - 1 pm

All refills, plus shampoo & conditioner bars


Watauga Farmers Market

Saturdays starting this April, 8 am - 12 pm

All refills, plus shampoo & conditioner bars


Wildwood Community Market

8 am - 5 pm

Refills currently not available, but you can buy bulk foods! Also, a lot of produce here is price-comparable to your average grocery store. Truly, I cannot say enough good things about this business or its owners & team.


High Country Food Hub

Order by Monday midnight for pickup Wednesday

Excellent selection of local goods


Happy trails!

Becca & Alexis

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