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Loofah is a gourd that can be harvested for its scrubby insides. This sponge can be used as a dish scrubber or a body exfoliator. To keep sanitary, store so that the loofah can dry out between uses and routinely sanitize by boiling in water, microwaving when thoroughly damp for 20 seconds, or bleaching in a 5% solution. Being that this is a plant with minimal processing, natural coloration varies and some seeds may remain. You can plant these seeds to grow your own loofah!



  • GROWN BY: A sweet lady in Southest Kentucky.

  • Add to your own compost bin or join a local compost program: through the High Country Food Hub or b.a.d Composting at B.a.d. Composting can help you set up your own compost at home if you don't already have one.

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