Swedish Dishcloths were invented in Sweden in the 1940's and have been making their way into the mainstream for their excellent absorption. They are made from 70% cellulose fiber and 30% cotton and are a great replacement for paper towels: wiping up spills, streak-free mirror cleaning, washing dishes, etc. For best care, give them room to air. To sanitize by bringing to a boil, washing in the top rack of the dish washer, a cycle in the washing machine, or three minutes in the microwave. One cloth will last about six months.

Swedish Dish Cloth

  • Three Blue Birds is a family-owned small business based in Connecticut, and we are excited to stock their dish cloths because of their sustainability effort, including being 1% for the Plant.

  • Add to your own compost bin or join a local compost program: dinner2dirt.org through the High Country Food Hub or b.a.d Composting at compostingboone@gmail.com. B.a.d. Composting can help you set up your own compost at home if you don't already have one.

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