Wool sponges are gentle enough to use on skin and also tough enough to use on dirty dishes. Each square is 5 " x 5" inches and about 1/4" thick, and with use, they will shrink and become firmer. Wool is naturally antimicrobial, biodegradable, and won't shed microplastics into our water system. Hooray! Take care of them by allowing to dry after each use. They will last about 1-2 months of heavy use, and then they will be good & ready for composting!

Wool Sponge

  • Each sponge is made by Mezzaluna Farmstead in Trade, TN from the wool of their sheep and processed using only hot water and biodegradable soap.

  • Add to your own compost bin or join a local compost program: dinner2dirt.org through the High Country Food Hub or b.a.d Composting at compostingboone@gmail.com. B.a.d. Composting can help you set up your own compost at home if you don't already have one.

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